• Bashang highland plateau, Inner Mongolia, from DigitalGlobe's Quickbird satellite. eoVision/Human Footprint book

  • Sandbanks in the Wadden Sea, Netherlands. ESA.

  • Schooner Cays in the Bahamas from DigitalGlobe's WorldView-2 satellite.

  • False-coloured fusion of three radar (SAR) images of Canada's Ellesmere Island (left) and Greenland. Envisat/ESA

  • Smoke from wildfires across California in June 2008, captured by MERIS/Envisat: the European Space Agency

  • Different types of streetlighting show how Berlin was politically divided. ESA

  • Tent city for Hajj ceremonies, Mecca Saudi Arabia, from the DigitalGlobe GeoEye-1 satellite. Courtesy eoVision/Human Footprint book.

  • Snow-capped volcano Mt Vesuvius near Naples, Italy, from DigitalGlobe's GeoEye-1 satellite.

Getting around the show

The Spaceship Earth exhibition runs across the three levels of Customs House. Here’s a guide to the main elements of the show, and where to find them: GROUND FLOOR Earth From Space (main screen, south end of atrium) Satellites in… Read More »

Updating Bucky’s concepts

Buckminster Fuller’s 1968 call for An Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth is being updated to match today’s satellite imaging and remote sensing capabilities. Aerospatial technologies (first prototyped for spacecraft and wars and recently highlighted in films like Gravity and Avatar)… Read More »

Spaceship Earth blasts off

Spaceship Earth launched on schedule Thursday 22 May 2014 at the City of Sydney’s Customs House information centre. More than 100 people attended the preview event, hosted by Customs House manager Jennifer Kwok. Guest speaker was Dr Stuart Minchin, who… Read More »

History of ideas on earth and space: a new video lecture

Find 40 minutes to watch this brain-feeding video. Valorizing the Sphere is a forensic examination of the history of human ideas about how the earth relates to the rest of our solar system. Our guide is California polymath David McConville,… Read More »