E-INVITESpaceship Earth: Observing Our Planet from Satellites is an exhibition promoting four converging science projects:

—the intergovernmental Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) movement,

—Al Gore’s 1992 vision for ‘Digital Earth’,

—the OECD’s announcement of a ‘new space economy’, emerging after the global financial crisis, and

—the mid-late 1960s concept of ‘Spaceship Earth’, popularised by Buckminster Fuller.

Organised and first shown 23 May-20 July 2014 at the City of Sydney’s Customs House information centre at Circular Quay, Sydney, the Spaceship Earth show includes around 60 still images and 20 video clips. These have been presented across 13 screens over three floors of the historic venue. This material is being offered to other potential international exhibition venues.

Printed documentation includes eight postcards, a six-panel brochure and an A3 poster promoting ‘the GEO Online Movie Festival’ – comprising 13 online videos describing different contemporary aspects of the dream. The press release is here.