Exhibition team: Samantha Williams, Joanne Jakovich, Jennifer Kwok, Davina Jackson, Amber Daines

From left: Samantha Williams, Joanne Jakovich, Jennifer Kwok, Davina Jackson, Amber Daines

Below are acknowledgements to people who enabled the first Sydney presentation of Spaceship Earth: Observing Our Planet From Satellites:


Manager/Producer | Jennifer Kwok

Exhibition Co-ordinator | Samantha Williams

Exhibition Team | Denne Dempsey. Tryna Grant


Catalyst/Curator | Davina Jackson

Creative Director/Curator | Joanne Jakovich

Text Editor | Amber Daines

Video Editor | Dylan Mighell

Animation | League of Monkeys

Technical Supervisors | Peter Murphy, Ivan Smith

Models | Sydney Modelmakers


Group on Earth Observations Barbara Ryan, Robert Samors, Espen Volden | International Society for Digital Earth Richard Simpson, Changlin Wang | European Space Agency Robert Meisner, Ivan Balenzio | NASA Winnie Humberson | NOAA (Science on a Sphere) William Bendel, Beth Russell | European Commission Joint Research Centre (Global Human Settlement Layer project/Ispra) Martino Pesaresi | Geoscience Australia Stuart Minchin, Kate Lehane, Melinda Holland | New South Wales Land and Property Information Des Mooney, Alan Garside, Alice Foster | The Dome Company Robbie Lusher | Buckminster Fuller Institute David McConville, Elizabeth Thompson | Digital Globe Georgios Ouzounis, Devon Libby, Abigail van Uum | Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) Georgina Deetlefs | International Center for Earth Simulation Bob Bishop | eoVision Paul Schreilechner, Gerald Mansberger | Clement Valla (Postcards from Google Earth) | MIT Senseable Cities Lab Carlo Ratti | UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis Mike Batty.